How the cookie crumbles

I think oatmeal cookies are my favorite cookie, though peanut butter is a close second. There’s something about their warm chewy, oaty goodness that makes me want to melt into a snuggly pile of gooey happiness.


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Summer Ramblings

It’s been a rather crazy last few weeks, and I haven’t been posting much, so… it’s time for a photospam! Let’s all take a step back and just appreciate it being summer – in all it’s hot, humid, bug-filled glory!

Photo of Chive Flowers

Photo of a Mulberry

Finding a mulberry tree while the mulberries are ripe is like finding a treasure chest, only instead of gold you get delicious. It also turns the sidewalks purple.

Photo of Tadpoles

Photo of Seed Pods

These seed pods remind me of the Durian fruit – which is, as far as I know, the most polarizing fruit in existence. You love it or you hate it, it’s illegal to take on the subways of Singapore, and I would liken the experience of eating it to consuming smelly, slimy, rotten bug guts. Some people really like it though?

Photo of Wildflowers

Photo of a wasp nest

Not many people like wasps, but I think they’re fantastic. One summer, they built a hive right up against a glass window, allowing us to look inside just like with an ant farm. It was fascinating! Paper wasps put so much work into building their homes, so I can’t help but feel a little sad when they get knocked down, even if it is for the best. It’s okay though, they’ll build another one.

Photo of a flower

Photo of people swinging

Photo of grilled chicken

Summers are full of good food (or at least, they should be!). I don’t personally own a grill, but I have friends that do – bbq ribs, hamburgers, grilled chicken and sweet corn. Delicious!

Photo of a black and white cat looking disdainful.

Photo closeup of some grape vines

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Persona 4

Persona 4
The newest in the popular Persona series, Persona 4 is the latest and greatest yet. Set in the rural town of Inaba, our main character unexpectedly finds himself able to enter TVs… but he’s not the only one! This new world is full of violent Shadows, and something – or someone – is throwing other people into the TV world with every intention to killing them! With the police baffled and frustated by a series of murders they can’t possibly solve, you gather your friends and take the fight to the world behind the screen. Just don’t be surprised if your own worst enemy is your own shadow…
Cast of Persona 4
This game is a huge step up from its predecessor, Persona 3. The AI for your team mates is not only better, but you can take complete control of every party member. The card chance after battles offers a much better selection of options, and a secondary card (Arcana chance) has been added, making exploring dungeons more exciting. On that note, each dungeon is decidedly unique, which is especially pleasing to the eye (and the memory). Rather than living in a dorm with all the other characters, you get a separation of “work” and “home”, meeting with your group after school, and then retiring to the house where you live with your uncle and his adorable little daughter. The story is more motivating and intriguing, the main characters are all likeable. The voice acting is similarly well done. And best of all, the music is catchy and addictive!

On the downside, monsters seem a bit unbalanced in terms of powers and weaknesses, which leads certain party members to be favored over others. Additionally, there seem to be some squicky social things going on. You can date a girl that looks like she ought to be in elementary school, there are some pretty unsavory sterotypes (the fat girl, the weird creepy kid, etc), and a light strain of homophobia that goes unaddressed.

All in all though, a very enjoyable game.

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Music videos: getting the full story

So I’ve noticed a trend – and I use that term extremely loosely, because my ‘trend’ consists of only two items, but the term makes me sound authoritative – for music videos to tell a different story than the one you might get just from listening to the song. I, for one, am a huge fan of this, because I love pretty cinematic things, and I love stories, and this seems to combine the two. It does seem very strange though, since I assume most people will only hear the song. They’ll never get the full story! Or perhaps it’s just a (better) retelling?

WARNING: These songs/videos may (most assuredly) contain gratuitous dancing and making out between attractive peoples, to a song that you may (again, most certainly) find to be extremely repetitive. I didn’t say they were good songs (though I do enjoy them, especially #1).

Behold! My two examples:

Case study #1: Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship

This song is about some guy who makes all the ‘good girls go bad’, which is a line that sounds just as shallow and presumptuous when sung. However, the music video tells a very different story – these girls are just letting him think he’s making them ‘go bad’, and in the end he rather gets what he deserves. Every time I watch this, I feel rather like cheering at the end. Love it!

Case study #2: Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz

The gist of this song is that the singer is going to break some chick’s heart because he’s a ‘bad boy’ and a ‘player’ and yadda yadda yadda. It all seems like some painfully one sided testosterone-induced posturing. But in the music video, both he AND his hot chick are ‘heart breakers’ trying to one-up each other… and somehow in the process of flirting and making out with other people, they become a perfect fit for one another. Maybe I’m just a sap when it comes to happy endings for messed up people, but I think that’s kinda cute.


Can you think of any others?

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2009 Webcomic Awards!

I WOULD LIKE TO NOTE! This is not a best webcomics ever list! Do not be offended that your most-favoritest webcomic ever is not on this list, please. These are the comics that I most strongly associate with the year 2009, be it that it was started, discovered, or made significant progress within. And yes, it’s four months late. Deal.


Strangely compelling award goes to Girl Genius
Perhaps it doesn’t bother you, but when I first started reading GG, I found the art style to be… rather bizarre? Unattractive, even. But this exciting steampunk joyride – filled with Adventure! Romance! Mad Science! – is not something you want to miss! And the more I read, the more I came to recognize the art style as a thing of beauty. You may not believe me now, but trust me. It grows on you, and it tells this epic tale with a finesse that I find hard to comprehend. Even if mad scientists (and their equally mad creations) do not appeal to you in any way, I still suggest you check it out.


Bedtime story (+1 Laser Cows) award goes to Gunnerkrigg Court
Another prime example of a comic that started in one style, and has since evolved into something… well, very beautiful. Gunnerkrigg’s dark hallways are filled with strange creatures and tales, in a world split between the wonder of magic and cold calculations of science. Though certainly it is not always a friendly place, sometimes happy and sometimes sad, I’m sure you will be just as eager to return to Gunnerkrigg as I am.


New kid on the block award goes to Evil Diva
Diva Beelze is a bubbly little devil-gone-good who likes pretty dresses, is less than popular at school… and is also a super hero? A charming take on good and evil, the adolescent woes of not fitting in at school (or your alignment), and various other hijinks. It’s 2009 debut has been well received by the internet. A strong start, Evil Diva! We hope to see you continue your success in the New Year!


Most Improved award goes to Kagerou
It’s not that the art was ever bad, it’s that it’s gotten so much better! I cannot even try to describe this one – it’s simply too much all at once. Dark and scary and mesmerizing, Kagerou is like looking into the maw of something immense and hungry and knowing that your death will be beautiful. And of course, there are also lighter moments, color and hugs and rainbow wings, but overall… dark. Big congrats to Luka for Issue #1 coming out in print!

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Happy Pi Day, everyone!

In honor of our favorite mathematical constant, I had to bake a pie.

It was an apple pie, which I don’t have much experience with. I usually do pumpkin pie, or a small fruit like blueberry. The apples were generously contributed by my wonderful roomie.

After I made the pie crust, I peeled the apples (three green and one sweeter one) and then cut them into eighths.

There are only a bazillion recipes for apple pie online, but I ended up going with the “classics” – cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. There was also a little lemon juice and some orange concentrate.

This is gonna be delicious, guys!

After adding some sugar and flour and mixing that up with the apple slices, I tried just dumping the whole thing into the pie crust I had from earlier, but it was really… lumpy? So I poured it back in the mixing bowl and ended up laying them all out. It wasn’t precise by any means, but it made me happier.

We're in a pie, guys!

Most pies that I made either have no top, or a lattice top, so getting the hand of crimping a full-cover top took a little doing. Still, half of it looked pretty good!

You can see some obvious improvement from when I started

After that, I just cut some slits and popped it in the pre-heated oven. An hour later, it was done! Yum!

Eeeeaaaaaaaat meeeeeeeee

Happy Pi Day! ❤

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There are knitters in my living room…

My roommates are both knitters. And I don’t mean, “Ever now and then they knit a scarf and maybe some mittens” knitters. I mean knitters, which means mittens and gloves and sweater vests and baby clothes all the time.

I’m not a knitter, but I am an admirer. A fangirl, if you will, of crafts involving needles and yarn. Here are some favorites:

Crochet Cthuhlu

Isn’t it adorable? Even Lovecraft wouldn’t be able to resist a snuggle. The curly tentacles, the wee little wings… and best of all, the pattern is free!

Image by Katie-Elsie

Emission Spectrum Scarves

Get your nerd on – literally! These scarves are a fantastic idea, and patterns for Mercury, Bromine, Iron and Plutonium are available!

Image from Bekathwia

Stuffed Fish

Guaranteed to make people squeal with delight, my roommate Kimberly made this delightful friend for her sister’s newborn. Isn’t it cute? (you’ll have to register as a member to view the pattern)

Knitted Fish stuffed toy

Fingerless Mario Gloves

Keri made me these for Christmas, and I love them so much! I almost want to get in a fist fight, just so I can punch someone with a mushroom.

Knitted Mario fingerless gloves

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