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Inspiration Board for Minted

Busy busy, and holiday season is starting up. Hope everyone is doing well.

Greenish by Ming, see more

Greenish board by Ming. See more


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The springtime is green

It’s June! It’s sunny! It’s warm! There’s no snow, and everything is fantastic and green! Here, let me show you:




Baby raccoons, spiderweb wisps and a bout of archery. I found this dragonfly larvae husk by the pond, next to the waterlillies and tadpoles. The dandelions are everywhere.





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One hundred men caught by endless passion

Some things that I have been enjoying recently:

Classic Human Anatomy, by Valerie L. Winslow. I love this book. It’s broken up into sections like “The Language of Anatomy”, “The Head, Face and Neck”, and “The Torso”, and is full of lovely illustrations and clearly labeled diagrams showing bones, muscles and how movement affects them. Terms like ‘Humerus’ include pronunciation, the term’s origin (often Latin) and synonyms.



Animal flashcards, found in my parent’s living room. It’s about time I got back to expanding my vocabulary, and I think the illustrations are hilarious! That hedgehog looks so goofy!


Finding things is fun! I pick things up off the street all the time. Pictured are some of my most recent acquisitions. I’d probably make a very good magpie, though none of these is particularly shiny. Not really sure what to do with… any of them, really, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.


Title from the song New Found Land by Leaves’ Eyes. It’s about a crew of Norse men, braving the sea and storms and hardship in their quest to discover new land. I hope we can all find something to be as passionate about in our everyday lives!

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Rabbits, crabs and vampires – worst crabcakes ever?

Today I drew a bunch of rabbits, learned you can buy crabs from vending machines in China, and beat my vampiric nemesis in a chess match.


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Another Friday

Oatmeal: still rather mediocre. I added cranberries and lots of brown sugar, but I’m still just not feeling it. I’ll have to try it again sometime using the stove top instead of microwaving it.

Life: Feeling a bit restless. It’s not that there’s not stuff to do (there’s always stuff to do!), I’m just tired of doing it in the same place. Outside, everything is changing: fall colors, leaves falling, temperatures dropping – and I feel like I’m stuck standing still. I want to change too! Other than that… Mini’s banned me from working on my newest hobby of clay until Monday since I recently injured my wrist after working with it for a prolonged period, which is kind of a bummer. Been listening to a lot of NPR, and absolutely loving our Dark Sun D&D campaign. It’s thrillingly brutal, and every time I’m half expecting my character to die.

Music: I still like Linkin Park, and I don’t care who knows it! I’m currently listening to a playlist with their song Robot Boy, Vienna Teng’s Drought, and Siobhan Donaghy’s Coming Up For Air. Just in the mood for pretty music, I guess.

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Summer Ramblings

It’s been a rather crazy last few weeks, and I haven’t been posting much, so… it’s time for a photospam! Let’s all take a step back and just appreciate it being summer – in all it’s hot, humid, bug-filled glory!

Photo of Chive Flowers

Photo of a Mulberry

Finding a mulberry tree while the mulberries are ripe is like finding a treasure chest, only instead of gold you get delicious. It also turns the sidewalks purple.

Photo of Tadpoles

Photo of Seed Pods

These seed pods remind me of the Durian fruit – which is, as far as I know, the most polarizing fruit in existence. You love it or you hate it, it’s illegal to take on the subways of Singapore, and I would liken the experience of eating it to consuming smelly, slimy, rotten bug guts. Some people really like it though?

Photo of Wildflowers

Photo of a wasp nest

Not many people like wasps, but I think they’re fantastic. One summer, they built a hive right up against a glass window, allowing us to look inside just like with an ant farm. It was fascinating! Paper wasps put so much work into building their homes, so I can’t help but feel a little sad when they get knocked down, even if it is for the best. It’s okay though, they’ll build another one.

Photo of a flower

Photo of people swinging

Photo of grilled chicken

Summers are full of good food (or at least, they should be!). I don’t personally own a grill, but I have friends that do – bbq ribs, hamburgers, grilled chicken and sweet corn. Delicious!

Photo of a black and white cat looking disdainful.

Photo closeup of some grape vines

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Junk, begone! Round 1!

I have gotten rid of 10 things!

1. Toy horses (+50 – I was rather obsessed as a young girl), Goodwill
2. Pog collection, trash
3. Pin-on button collection, Goodwill
4. Pencil collection (unsharpened), donated to Home-school program
5. Stuffed animals, Goodwill
6. Cooking Pan with broken handle, Goodwill
7. Unwanted Barbies (i.e. all the blonde ones), Goodwill
8. Unwanted Barbie stuff, Goodwill
9. Graphing Calculator (TI-83 Plus), Freecycle to student entering high school
10. 2 purple children’s bikes, Freecycle to grandmother with 2 grandchildren

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