Persona 4

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Persona 4
The newest in the popular Persona series, Persona 4 is the latest and greatest yet. Set in the rural town of Inaba, our main character unexpectedly finds himself able to enter TVs… but he’s not the only one! This new world is full of violent Shadows, and something – or someone – is throwing other people into the TV world with every intention to killing them! With the police baffled and frustated by a series of murders they can’t possibly solve, you gather your friends and take the fight to the world behind the screen. Just don’t be surprised if your own worst enemy is your own shadow…
Cast of Persona 4
This game is a huge step up from its predecessor, Persona 3. The AI for your team mates is not only better, but you can take complete control of every party member. The card chance after battles offers a much better selection of options, and a secondary card (Arcana chance) has been added, making exploring dungeons more exciting. On that note, each dungeon is decidedly unique, which is especially pleasing to the eye (and the memory). Rather than living in a dorm with all the other characters, you get a separation of “work” and “home”, meeting with your group after school, and then retiring to the house where you live with your uncle and his adorable little daughter. The story is more motivating and intriguing, the main characters are all likeable. The voice acting is similarly well done. And best of all, the music is catchy and addictive!

On the downside, monsters seem a bit unbalanced in terms of powers and weaknesses, which leads certain party members to be favored over others. Additionally, there seem to be some squicky social things going on. You can date a girl that looks like she ought to be in elementary school, there are some pretty unsavory sterotypes (the fat girl, the weird creepy kid, etc), and a light strain of homophobia that goes unaddressed.

All in all though, a very enjoyable game.


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