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Music videos: getting the full story

So I’ve noticed a trend – and I use that term extremely loosely, because my ‘trend’ consists of only two items, but the term makes me sound authoritative – for music videos to tell a different story than the one you might get just from listening to the song. I, for one, am a huge fan of this, because I love pretty cinematic things, and I love stories, and this seems to combine the two. It does seem very strange though, since I assume most people will only hear the song. They’ll never get the full story! Or perhaps it’s just a (better) retelling?

WARNING: These songs/videos may (most assuredly) contain gratuitous dancing and making out between attractive peoples, to a song that you may (again, most certainly) find to be extremely repetitive. I didn’t say they were good songs (though I do enjoy them, especially #1).

Behold! My two examples:

Case study #1: Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship

This song is about some guy who makes all the ‘good girls go bad’, which is a line that sounds just as shallow and presumptuous when sung. However, the music video tells a very different story – these girls are just letting him think he’s making them ‘go bad’, and in the end he rather gets what he deserves. Every time I watch this, I feel rather like cheering at the end. Love it!

Case study #2: Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz

The gist of this song is that the singer is going to break some chick’s heart because he’s a ‘bad boy’ and a ‘player’ and yadda yadda yadda. It all seems like some painfully one sided testosterone-induced posturing. But in the music video, both he AND his hot chick are ‘heart breakers’ trying to one-up each other… and somehow in the process of flirting and making out with other people, they become a perfect fit for one another. Maybe I’m just a sap when it comes to happy endings for messed up people, but I think that’s kinda cute.


Can you think of any others?


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