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2009 Webcomic Awards!

I WOULD LIKE TO NOTE! This is not a best webcomics ever list! Do not be offended that your most-favoritest webcomic ever is not on this list, please. These are the comics that I most strongly associate with the year 2009, be it that it was started, discovered, or made significant progress within. And yes, it’s four months late. Deal.


Strangely compelling award goes to Girl Genius
Perhaps it doesn’t bother you, but when I first started reading GG, I found the art style to be… rather bizarre? Unattractive, even. But this exciting steampunk joyride – filled with Adventure! Romance! Mad Science! – is not something you want to miss! And the more I read, the more I came to recognize the art style as a thing of beauty. You may not believe me now, but trust me. It grows on you, and it tells this epic tale with a finesse that I find hard to comprehend. Even if mad scientists (and their equally mad creations) do not appeal to you in any way, I still suggest you check it out.


Bedtime story (+1 Laser Cows) award goes to Gunnerkrigg Court
Another prime example of a comic that started in one style, and has since evolved into something… well, very beautiful. Gunnerkrigg’s dark hallways are filled with strange creatures and tales, in a world split between the wonder of magic and cold calculations of science. Though certainly it is not always a friendly place, sometimes happy and sometimes sad, I’m sure you will be just as eager to return to Gunnerkrigg as I am.


New kid on the block award goes to Evil Diva
Diva Beelze is a bubbly little devil-gone-good who likes pretty dresses, is less than popular at school… and is also a super hero? A charming take on good and evil, the adolescent woes of not fitting in at school (or your alignment), and various other hijinks. It’s 2009 debut has been well received by the internet. A strong start, Evil Diva! We hope to see you continue your success in the New Year!


Most Improved award goes to Kagerou
It’s not that the art was ever bad, it’s that it’s gotten so much better! I cannot even try to describe this one – it’s simply too much all at once. Dark and scary and mesmerizing, Kagerou is like looking into the maw of something immense and hungry and knowing that your death will be beautiful. And of course, there are also lighter moments, color and hugs and rainbow wings, but overall… dark. Big congrats to Luka for Issue #1 coming out in print!


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