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There are knitters in my living room…

My roommates are both knitters. And I don’t mean, “Ever now and then they knit a scarf and maybe some mittens” knitters. I mean knitters, which means mittens and gloves and sweater vests and baby clothes all the time.

I’m not a knitter, but I am an admirer. A fangirl, if you will, of crafts involving needles and yarn. Here are some favorites:

Crochet Cthuhlu

Isn’t it adorable? Even Lovecraft wouldn’t be able to resist a snuggle. The curly tentacles, the wee little wings… and best of all, the pattern is free!

Image by Katie-Elsie

Emission Spectrum Scarves

Get your nerd on – literally! These scarves are a fantastic idea, and patterns for Mercury, Bromine, Iron and Plutonium are available!

Image from Bekathwia

Stuffed Fish

Guaranteed to make people squeal with delight, my roommate Kimberly made this delightful friend for her sister’s newborn. Isn’t it cute? (you’ll have to register as a member to view the pattern)

Knitted Fish stuffed toy

Fingerless Mario Gloves

Keri made me these for Christmas, and I love them so much! I almost want to get in a fist fight, just so I can punch someone with a mushroom.

Knitted Mario fingerless gloves


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Delicate, like a snowflake!

One of my more recent paper cuts – I wanted to try something a little more delicate. It was pretty challenging, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Process photos after the jump!

Finished cutting

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