Let them eat Baklava!

November 22, 2009 at 7:07 am Leave a comment

Baklava is a delicious and decadent dessert crafted from nuts, phyllo pastry, and syrup/honey. You know it’s good, because a number of people have laid claim to its creation – the Greeks, the Turks, Assyrians, Byzantines – it might even be Chinese!

I recently found this recipe (with some rather delicious looking photos), and I was excited for an excuse to try it. A birthday, for example. Happy Birthday, Keri!

Best of all, Baklava is not that hard to make! You’ll have to invest in some almonds, walnuts, and phyllo, and oven, and a place to let the thing sit for a few hours, but other than that? Not hard at all, my friends.

Combine the dry ingredients

Place filling in the pan

Out of the oven!

Onto the plate!

If I ever make this recipe again, I think I will make less of the syrup – even after resting for six hours, there was still some excess. And so sweet! I realize this is a sweet treat, but goodness gracious cavity! Not sure how to address that at this moment, but we’ll think of something.

In the end though, delicious delicious baklava. Yum.


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