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For the love of simple Hummus

After a brief adventure wherein I discovered our new apartment has no can opener, I managed to open my 16 oz. can of chickpeas. The mission?


Home-made hummus!


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Princess Maker 2

The only one of its series to be translated to English (I believe there are four), Princess Maker 2 is a parenting sim of no small notoriety. This is due to its somewhat ambiguous status as a hentai game (no sex, no naked – does it still count?). The premise goes that you, a warrior, save the kingdom. In return, the King grants you a retainer and a home.

But that’s not all! The Gods have deemed you fit to raise a little girl!
Princess Maker 2
Bam! You’re a father!

So, how will you raise your daughter? You have from when she is 10 years old to when she is 18. You control everything she does and gets – from how much she gets to eat, the presents she gets, vacations, the types of jobs she takes and the people she meets. A robust diet will keep her healthy, but it can also make her fat (and then her skanky dresses won’t fit!). You could buy her a nice doll, or…. pills that make her buxom larger.

Princess Maker 2

Jobs (ranging from grave keeper to hair dresser) make money, and each raise and lower various stats. For example, working at the farm raises Constitution but lowers Refinement. She can also take classes, participate in the competitions at the fair, visit the castle, even go adventuring and fight some monsters!

Depending on how you raise her, your darling little girl could grow up to be anything, ranging from Queen Regent, Archbishop, Divorcee, Farmer’s wife, Nursemaid, General, Crime Boss, Bar Wench, Bondage Queen… you get the idea. Your decisions also impact who she eventually marries. Apart from being a control freak, you can also be a perv – one of the marriage options is you (her adoptive father).

Princess Maker 2 - Possible Endings

With over 70 different endings, this game is both addicting and fun (though shallow and repetitive are also viable options). Sure, it’s a ridiculous premise. And yes, you are a psycho-controling father. So go check it out! It’s easy to find a copy online. And who knows! Your little girl could grow up to be a lumberjack! Wouldn’t that be grand?

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