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The math of language

Craig Damrauer is cooking up a wordy equation every Monday, and I think I can honestly say this is an instance where I find math delightful.

Midlife crisis = (what I want to do/what I've done) +/- fast car

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Natsume Yūjin Chō – Season 2

Season two of Natsume Yūjin Chō features a return of old characters, the introduction of a new character, and yet more friends met and bid farewell.

Natsume reading a book
Nyako Sensi, Natsume, and Benio

In a continuation of the first season, we learn a little more about Natsume’s grandmother, Reiko, but most of the second season deals Natsume’s interactions with various youkai and coming to terms with his place in the supernatural world.

Natori's youkai servant Hiiragi
Taki's onmyouji circle

TL;DR As a child being shunted from home to home, accused of lying by other children and ostracized for seeing what others couldn’t, Natsume is fully aware and admits his dislike of youkai, but realizes that he cannot bring himself to hate them, just as he can’t keep himself from getting involved with them. In a world where many youkai hate humans, and just as many humans hate and fear youkai, Natsume is learning that they are both just as capable of laughing, loving, hurting and betrayal.

Neko-sensei eating a delicious dinner

I’ve said it before, but I absolutely adore this anime. I love meeting the different youkai, and the little story each episode presents. The music, if anything, has gotten better, as well as my attachment to the various characters as I get to know them better. Each episode is a little bit happy, and a little bit sad, and altogether wonderful.

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The Red Delicious Lie

What is it about these thick, waxy skinned apples with their mealy inner flesh that earns them their prominent position in the produce isle?

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