Odin Sphere

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Let me preface this with a disclaimer: I have never played this game.
I have, however, watched it being played. But mostly, I just drooled over how gorgeous this game is.

Odin Sphere

This game begins in the midst of a war. You play as five different characters in succession, each starring in their own story – a story that is, ultimately, the same story, simply told from different starting points and perspectives. You start as Gwendolyn, Valkyrie warrior and daughter of Demon Lord Odin, followed by Prince Cornelius of Titania, Princess Mercedes of Ringford, Shadow Knight Oswald, and finally Princess Velvet. As far as I can recall, each character fights with each other at least once.

Odin Sphere Gameplay

For reasons stated before, I really can’t say much about gameplay, but I’ll do what I can. This game is a 2D sidescroller with a linear storyline. Progressing in the game is basically fighting stages and bosses in circular sidescrolling arenas, with various storyline cut-scenes (action-RGP). Each character has their own weapon and fighting style. There is no easy, medium or hard selection. It is a challenging game.

Odin Sphere

But mostly, this game is pretty. The characters have a very smooth stylized way of moving that reminds me of hand painted puppets, and the backgrounds and bit-characters are all just as lovingly crafted. If you can’t play it, by all means, watch someone who can.


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