04 Weekend havoc, part 2

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May 23-26, 2008

I really like cats. Really, really like cats. I am, however, very tragically allergic, and therefore am not often around such magnificent beasts. But I promised a friend that I’d post pictures of a cat, so here we are:


This fine feline is (according my mother) a frequent visitor from our neighbors. Her name is, I kid you not, Fluffy. Let me take a moment to speak about children naming pets. It is, in all honesty, a terrible and beautiful thing. I myself owned a large black rabbit when I was young, and in my infinite wisdom, named him Blackie. There wasn’t actually that much that I wanted to say on the subject, so I’ll summarize.

Fluffy foot

tldr: Children are TERRIBLE at naming things. And that is perfectly okay.


Moving on, hail hit home that weekend, giving both of the family cars a delicate dimpling all up and down their green and shiny Honda sides. Mini’s car, nestled in the safety of the garage/barn, missed out on the free facial. Too bad.

Clay whale

And lastly, we have my parting gift to my dearest Sisterling. Clay is tons of fun, even if my technical skills are somewhat… lacking. But hey, who doesn’t want a lopsided orange whale with polka-dots?


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