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05 Death and Tomatoes

May 30 – June 2, 2008

Drove to Michigan for a Memorial on the beach. Lake Michigan is… immense. It was like being beside the ocean, just without the salt and fewer critters (both dead and alive).

I am of the opinion that one can never have too many grandparents, and this is the second grandmother that has passed away before I was able to meet her. This makes me feel very unfortunate, and offers up a kind of aching regret, much like the feeling you get in your gums after hitting your teeth very hard. At least this time I was able to hear stories and pictures, personal accounts that can help me get a feel for the wonderful person I missed out on. When my great grandmother died (Seems like a long time ago. I was, hmm… very small.) I knew nothing about her, except that she had been halfway around the world, and now she was even farther. It seemed extremely unfair, and I cried lot (rather selfishly, as it never occurred to me to consider how my father must have felt).


The photo above was taken right after the memorial. He’s planting a piece of grass that he just picked. It was cute, in a sad sort of way. I like to think of it as a tribute of sorts to his great grandmother.

And lastly, a comment on tomatoes. I may or may not have suffered from the effects of the recent infection of salmonella in fresh tomatoes, but either way, please be careful. I threw up three times, slept all day, and felt like crap.


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04 Weekend havoc, part 2

May 23-26, 2008

I really like cats. Really, really like cats. I am, however, very tragically allergic, and therefore am not often around such magnificent beasts. But I promised a friend that I’d post pictures of a cat, so here we are:


This fine feline is (according my mother) a frequent visitor from our neighbors. Her name is, I kid you not, Fluffy. Let me take a moment to speak about children naming pets. It is, in all honesty, a terrible and beautiful thing. I myself owned a large black rabbit when I was young, and in my infinite wisdom, named him Blackie. There wasn’t actually that much that I wanted to say on the subject, so I’ll summarize.

Fluffy foot

tldr: Children are TERRIBLE at naming things. And that is perfectly okay.


Moving on, hail hit home that weekend, giving both of the family cars a delicate dimpling all up and down their green and shiny Honda sides. Mini’s car, nestled in the safety of the garage/barn, missed out on the free facial. Too bad.

Clay whale

And lastly, we have my parting gift to my dearest Sisterling. Clay is tons of fun, even if my technical skills are somewhat… lacking. But hey, who doesn’t want a lopsided orange whale with polka-dots?

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